Our Values


It’s easy to write lists entitled “our values.” But if those values aren’t what people see in you, then they’re not really your values. So here are some comments made about us, by real clients, that we think indicate our values:

  • “You really forced us to think. I would say that my staff now thinks up one or two levels, strategically.” [We believe that leaders should look beyond their own teams, departments, or whatever, and consider a broad context, looking for ideas and outcomes that reach beyond the obvious.]
  • “That was the best planning session I can recall. My team is finally pointed in the same direction.” [We believe that leadership teams need to help shape direction and strategy – while the boss retains 51% of the votes. We’re talking here about group understanding and ownership; we’re not talking about group accountability, which is a disaster.]
  • “You give us useable product. You don’t just hand us a bunch of sticky notes and flip charts and wish us luck.” [We believe in hard work and seeing things through to completion.]
  • “You guys are not only professional and smart . . . you’re nice.” [Well, it’s more fun being nice. Anyway, we want to be as friction-free to deal with as possible, and still speak useful truth.]