Our Company

What We Do and Why

Frankly, we do what we do because we love it. We’re not gutting it out until retirement. We think we’re making the world a better place, and we find it exciting to solve organizational problems such as:

  • Getting a senior team on the same page, so they can cooperate with each other and all move in the same direction. The ultimate aim is to help achieve the right results in the right way.
  • Assessing and improving organizational culture.
  • Designing end-to-end processes that ensure high efficiency and maximum value delivery.
  • Obtaining “ground truth” on challenges and opportunities in order to effectively inform strategic change while building buy-in for achieving desired results.
  • Engineering collaborative problem solving and innovation among organizations experiencing tensions, which may be “natural tensions” or otherwise.
  • Designing education and training curricula, so that new skill sets (a) respond to the organization’s needs, and (b) actually show up on the job. (We also deliver executive education on a variety of leadership topics.) This includes everything from project management to strategic thinking.
  • Designing organizations. This includes installing matrix organization structures (yes, they do work, if set up properly), usually with the goal of ensuring that subject matter experts get the care and feeding they need from über-experts, while working for other leaders who are trying to get work done that requires different types of expertise.

That’s just a quick sampling to give you the gist. For some actual success stories, take a look at “sample projects” (on the left) or our founders’ resumes available here for Wendi Peck, CEO, and here for Dr. Bill Casey, President.

Some Quick Facts

  • We are a certified HUBZone, woman-owned small business, and GSA Schedule holder. (Click here for more information.)
  • We are based in Colorado, but keep a small office in Washington, DC area and work in a lot of locations around the globe.
  • We work across industries, and our clients have included prominent players in insurance, technology, banking, telecommunication, the military, and others. This variety benefits our clients in that lessons learned in one industry can apply to another industry. This is called the “arbitrage of ideas,” and we are good at it.
  • Anything we do resembling a “product” is actually a general approach, and always tailored to a specific situation. Maybe that’s because we get bored doing the same thing over and over, and maybe that’s because one size actually doesn’t fit all.
  • We conduct much of our work in closed-door, one-on-one discussions with senior executives. There, we find that careful listening and respectful candor can lead to breakthrough solutions, and that beats bromides and buzz talk any day.
  • We focus on organizational issues that, when resolved, produce high impact and propel organizations forward. Our approach is based on years of study and hands-on experience with organizational performance.