What We Do and Why

Frankly, we do what we do because we love it. We’re not gutting it out until retirement. We think we’re making the world a better place, and we find it exciting to solve organizational problems such as:

  • Getting a senior team on the same page so they can cooperate with each other, move in the same direction, and ultimately achieve the right results in the right way.
  • Assessing and improving organizational culture to optimize satisfaction and get your team communicating effectively.
  • Designing end-to-end processes that ensure high efficiency and maximum value delivery.
  • Obtaining “ground truth” on challenges and opportunities in order to effectively inform strategic change while building buy-in and establishing trust.
  • Curating collaborative problem-solving and innovation among organizations that may be experiencing tensions or discord.
  • Designing education and training curricula so that new skill sets (a) respond to the organization’s needs and (b) actually show up on the job. We deliver a wide range of executive education for leaders at every institutional level, spanning everything from project management to strategic thinking.
  • Structuring organizations for long-term success by installing matrix organizational structures–yes, they do work if set up properly! We use a variety of individualized methods to ensure that subject matter experts, uber experts, and departmental leaders not only hone their prowess, but also effectively share it with one another.

That’s just a quick sampling to give you the gist. For some actual success stories, take a look at our client testimonials or at our founders’ resumes.