Our Philosophy


It’s hard to find a consultancy whose thinking and values align with those of your organization. So, here is short summary of our own corporate philosophy; see if ours fits with yours. Each engagement is unique, but our underlying principles don’t change.

  1. We believe senior-level consulting projects should be temporary, to provide senior leadership with a bit of bandwidth during critical moments in developing or executing strategy. Often, leaders have great vision, but day-to-day demands defer its execution or even its development.
  2. We believe in helping all parties achieve goals, both near-term and long-term ones. So, while helping leaders achieve their more immediate visions, we also aim to leave behind organizational skills and capability to keep developing and executing smart strategy and outcomes.
  3. We believe organizations need leaders at every level. During every engagement, we work hard to identify and cultivate leadership skills and opportunities. This helps teams of all sizes develop a greater sense of understanding and ownership.
  4. We believe in elegant simplicity, even for the most complex problems. That means speaking in plain English, ensuring everyone is on the same page before moving forward, and empowering teams and team members to speak up if something isn’t crystal clear.
  5. We believe in establishing a professional, yet fun and inviting atmosphere. People are at their best when they feel they can be themselves. Work and fun don’t have to be synonymous, but neither should they be opposites.

Of course, high-flown statements of “philosophy” mean nothing if not reflected in reality. So, we always ask our clients, “How are we doing?” Here are a few typical comments:

“You really forced us to think. I would say that my staff now thinks up one or two levels, strategically.”

“That was the best planning session I can recall. My team is finally pointed in the same direction.”

“You give us useable product. You don’t just hand us a bunch of sticky notes and flip charts and wish us luck.”

 “You guys are not only professional and smart . . . you’re nice.”

 “We’ve never had so much clarity about the work we need to be doing. We have also never been so certain that all work being done supports corporate goals.”

 “We left the meeting with a clear sense of how each management team member’s objectives need to relate to accomplishing our overall goals.”

 “As you know, your work has been a critical component in helping us build an infrastructure to move from an entrepreneurial startup to a high growth organization.”