Accomplishing More with Less, Instead of Doing More with Less (rerun)

“What’s the first thing we do to help clients find money?” That was the question Wendi and I set out to answer when we had a forehead-thumping déjà vu. Although we didn’t phrase it quite that way, we did answer that question here about two years ago. The answer still seems pretty timely, so we’re running it again, minus a couple of typos:

Is Your Strategic Plan DOA? Answer These Five Questions to Find Out

Yikes! It’s the end of the year, and we’re all supposed to have a bunch of stuff done by now – like writing our strategic plans. But the deadly temptation with strategic plans is just to “git-er-done” so we can “git-er-out-the-door!” You see, simply getting it done and out the door doesn’t mean much if the plans never actually materialize.

“Cross-Functional” or “Dysfunctional”? 5 Keys to Getting Those Big Initiatives Right

Big organizations breed cross-functional initiatives like overripe bananas breed fruit flies. And that’s a good thing because when these initiatives work, they propel an organization forward. That’s because they draw from different parts of the organization, with different expertise, and different interests at stake, and then focus on solving a single, important problem.