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ELG’s credo, giving wings to great visions, is sincere. For those clients looking for actual results, ELG consultants work as colleagues, providing expert, temporary surge support to busy leadership teams. ELG applies its deep understanding of human behavior in organizations to Plan and Execute Strategy, Clarify Purpose, Drive Effective Change, Assess and Improve Culture, Guide Strategic Communication, and Develop Leaders.

We're Experts In:

Strategic Advisory Support

The demands of running a successful organization can devour leaders’ time. That leaves them little margin for one-off, internal projects such as strategic planning, communication campaigns, or organizational design. Most of them would prefer to keep one hand on the steering wheel while staying out of the more time-costly elements of those endeavors.

ELG can help. With expertise and decades of experience in such projects, ELG works collegially with leaders, maintaining their engagement, while removing most of the burden of designing, launching, and facilitating such projects.

In military parlance, this is “surge support” – meaning: you’ve got power in reserve when you need it.

Leadership Development

Much “leadership development” leaves participants with enriched thinking, but not enriched abilities: their new thinking does not show up on the job.

Through classes, courses, and one-on-one coaching, ELG is all about Building Natural Leaders™, our approach to helping up-andcoming leaders and other high potential employees master sophisticated leadership and management skills that show up on the job – and do so naturally. Through practice, participation, and superb instructional design, we ensure that participants and their organizations come away winners.

Targeted Cultural Assessment

Patterns of belief and behavior – cultural issues – affect organizational success. Such issues can range from inter-organizational collaboration and innovation to, safety, sexual harassment, sales, customer service, and much more. “More training” and “better communication” rarely suffice. ELG assesses an organization’s systemic performance drivers and recommends actionable steps that will move the culture in a better direction and keep it on that vector.

ELG has an advantage on this front: All ELG’s work is about the human behavior side of organizational performance. It is the thread that runs through all that we do.

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