Our Solutions

ELG’s credo, giving wings to great visions, is sincere. For those clients looking for actual results, ELG consultants work as colleagues, providing expert, temporary surge support to busy leadership teams. ELG applies its deep understanding of human behavior in organizations to Plan and Execute Strategy, Clarify Purpose, Drive Effective Change, Assess and Improve Culture, Guide Strategic Communication, and Develop Leaders.

Whether it’s an assessment or a specific training engagement, ELG’s Building Natural Leaders™ Program is designed to equip leaders with skilled knowledge to perform more strongly in their leadership positions while achieving results using many of ELG’s methodologies and disciplines, taught in our Executive Smarts™ Breakfast Seminar series.

ELG provides organizational assessments to inform action, education and training to build leadership capability, and hands-on assistance to accelerate success. This assistance can mean giving one-on-one advisory support to leaders, guiding the design of process or structural changes, or facilitating team efforts to implement required change. Each of these services can be applied at the most senior levels of military commands or corporations or to a single initiative or project.

Building Natural Leaders™ Program


Organizational Strategy & Execution


Major Change Initiatives