Strategic Advisory Support

The old saw is right:

It’s hard to work ON your organization while you’re pretty darn busy working IN it. Yet, organizational agility demands it, which is where ELG can help.

Our Strategic Advisory Support ranges from ongoing, one-on-one advisory conversations with leaders to many more extensive projects such as organizational design, or strategic planning & execution.

Every Strategic Advisory project is unique. However, for the sake of illustration, here are a few descriptions of approaches we might take.

Sample Approaches

Organizational Strategy Assistance

Project Assistance

Results Roundtable

Past Project Samples

STRATEGIC PLANNING AND EXECUTION US Fleet Forces Command/TENTH FLEET: ELG worked closely with then-VADM Tighe and her senior team to assess the information warfare domain from an organizational perspective, and then develop a strategic plan to guide the way forward and clarify the role for the newly established FCC/C10F organization. This work included developing measurable strategic goals (using ELG’s Whole Goal®   approach) and a supporting, detailed execution plan; establishing a progress tracking process to sustain focus and alignment; guiding and advising on transformational change; and helping to align diverse groups and interdependent organizations. This work also included developing and launching a strategic communications plan to support all strategic goals and ensure appropriate tailoring for key stakeholders.

ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT A leading technology innovator, a Fortune 500 company, was attempting a joint project with two other companies. The project would produce an important advance in product design and performance. The project could boost all three companies’ revenues, but only if the project could hit critical market windows. This would require efficient processes, effective collaboration, and strong ethical behavior in order to ensure each organization’s intellectual property was preserved. Unfortunately, foot dragging and stove piping by middle managers in all three companies threatened to undermine the entire effort.

The Vice President of Engineering asked ELG to assess the situation and recommend improvements. Through interviews and observation, ELG examined organizational issues and process design, and then designed steps to remedy the situation.

The companies executed ELG’s recommendations and later reported a consequent cut in projected product development cycle time by 51%, which netted increased revenues of over $100MM. This multi-company project succeeded, and ELG’s recommendations were carried forward on other projects, as well.

Our Thinking

Our thinking is guided by decades of experience and by behavioral science. You can get a sense of our angle on things by perusing our book, Executive Smarts, or by browsing our past articles. Or, just ask us.