Quick Facts

We are based in Colorado, but keep a small office in Washington, DC area and work in a lot of locations around the globe.

We work across industries, and our clients have included prominent players in insurance, technology, banking, telecommunication, the military, and others. This variety benefits our clients in that lessons learned in one industry can apply to another industry. This is called the “arbitrage of ideas,” and we are good at it.

Anything we do resembling a “product” is actually a general approach, and always tailored to a specific situation. Maybe that’s because we get bored doing the same thing over and over, and maybe that’s because one size actually doesn’t fit all.

We conduct much of our work in closed-door, one-on-one discussions with senior executives. There, we find that careful listening and respectful candor can lead to breakthrough solutions, and that beats bromides and buzz talk any day.

We focus on organizational issues that, when resolved, produce high impact and propel organizations forward. Our approach is based on years of study and hands-on experience with organizational performance.