Tools & Templates

On this page, we have included some of the tools/templates that we use in Strategy Implementation, Change Management, and Project Management work. Although each template is assigned to a specific category, most of the templates (with minor adjustments) can be used in all areas.

Strategy Implementation

Whole Goal Template: Whole Goals® help focus work on meaningful results. This template helps people trained in Whole Goals to avoid some of the common pitfalls in writing them. Download here: Word Format, PDF Format

Role Description Template Our clients say that the approach to role descriptions embodied in this template produce the clearest role descriptions they have ever seen. This particular approach focuses on the results to be produced by a role, rather than the activities performed by the role.

Customer-Supplier Agreement Template. Customer-supplier relationships are another critical aspect of effective strategy implementation. This tool provides structure and documentation for managing accountabilities in cross-functional assignments.

Change Management

Force Field Analysis. This is both a diagnostic and a design tool. Use it to identify what will support and what will hinder change, and to build action plans to enhance enablers and mitigate barriers.

Communication Plan. One of the barriers to successful change implementation is a lack of communication. Use this template to create a solid communication plan that defines target audiences, the information each audience needs, the method for each event, and so on.

Project Management

The Risk Analysis Worksheet helps document probability and magnitude of various risks and corresponding mitigation strategies.

The Issues/Risk Communication Form provides backup documentation for each item noted in the analysis.

The Project Summary Worksheet helps establish and track the essentials for successful project startup.

Lessons Learned Record and Helpful Hints: The lessons learned from a project need documentation. Here is a sample format for recording and structuring the lessons learned accompanied by helpful hints for analyzing the successes and missteps of a project.

This Evaluation of Project Performance Worksheet provides a layout for collecting the data to ascertain your project status. Here we use the earned value method. We've included one example and one blank worksheet. Formulas are imbedded in both spreadsheets. In Microsoft Excel 5.0 format.

Use the Authority Worksheet to clarify a Project Manager's authority in relation to each member of the Project Team, specifically when the team member's Functional Manager and Project Manager are different people.

Issues Summary Sheet helps communicate critical issues to sponsors and stakeholders who would not receive such important information otherwise.

The Stakeholder Commitment Chart serves as a "political map" to chart stakeholders' commitment, both current and needed. The Stakeholder Communication Plan documents needed communications, their frequency and outcomes, and plans for next steps. The Stakeholder Commitment Tracking Log is an "at-a-glance" view of whether communications are achieving the commitment changes you need.