Designing and Launching an Effective Study Development Process

Session 1: Designing A Tailored Study Development Process

Duration: 2 Day Workshop

Think tanks, universities, and other organizations conduct “studies” – detailed investigations and analysis of subjects or situations. A key to success for these organizations is to design a study development process that drives predictably high quality outputs and produces recommendations that are likely to be accepted and implemented. This customized, two-day, hands-on workshop teaches participants how to do exactly that.

This workshop addresses the basic phases of study development, including Initiation, Planning, Data Gathering, Analysis, Report Development, Finalization, and Closeout. It also addresses less tangible attributes of successful study development such as effective stakeholder planning and management. This program is particularly appropriate for organizations that develop high profile studies aimed at having high impact.

Participants will be asked to participate in pre-workshop homework to ensure instructors have the data needed to tailor the content of the session.

Session Objective

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have developed an agreed-upon study development process ready for senior leadership review and approval.


This session is not designed to produce detailed instruction documents to the support the process, but to build the high-level process definition. This includes critical descriptors for each phase, such as: purpose, phase gate questions, key activities, and roles/accountabilities. In addition, general guidelines and tools will be agreed upon related to stakeholder management and product quality.

This session can be delivered in two consecutive days or over several days in ½-day modules (depending on client preference and instructor availability).


The fee for the Session 1 Workshop is $24,350 and, ideally, includes no more than 10 participants. This fee includes preparation for and delivery of the workshop.

Session 2: Launching A Tailored Study Development Process

Duration: 1 Day Workshop

The instructors will design and deliver a full-day training session to educate all key players in the study development process. If the customer participated in Session 1: Designing a Tailored Study Development Process that content will be used for designing this workshop. If the customer did not purchase Session 1 but does have a process designed, ELG will use the content the customer provides. This session will be designed to ensure session participants understand the newly designed or refined process, any process tools and guidelines, and their particular roles in helping the process succeed.

This will be a highly interactive session supported by PowerPoint briefs and high-level process documentation.

Session Objective

Participants understand their role in the study development process and are supportive of playing their role accordingly.


This session may be delivered in one full day to a broad audience (all process participants) or in shorter modules, each tailored for specific audiences.

Because of the time required to create the tailored educational session using the outputs of Session 1, there must be no fewer than three weeks between Sessions 1 and 2.


The fee for the Session 2 Workshop is $23,500 and, ideally, includes no more than 25 participants. This fee includes preparation for and delivery of the workshop