Herb Koplowitz, Ph.D.

Herb Koplowitz, Ph.D.

Herb is a leading world expert in Requisite Organization, consulting globally for 25 years in this approach to implementing strategy. His clients appreciate his ability to translate his deep understanding of best-practice organizational theory into practical solutions to complex business problems.

Clients also appreciate his ability to listen to their concerns and then explain, in clear terms, a solution to their problems.  Clients often comment that a conversation with Herb changes the way they understand organizations and management; and that this revelation allows them to solve problems they were unable to solve before.

Herb consults with executives and trains managers to be more effective and efficient with strategy implementation through:

  • aligning structure to strategy, so that each strategic goal is assigned to a role at the appropriate level and strategy is implemented faster and easier;
  • organizing staff to structure, ensuring that employees’ capabilities match the requirements of their roles;
  • training managers to develop the skills required to direct and support employees and hold them accountable.

Herb has worked in the financial, pharmaceutical, confectionery, retail, food, automotive, high tech, education, and utility sectors as well as the Canadian Armed Forces.  His clients have included the Bank of Montreal, National Commercial Bank of Jamaica, Alberta Treasury Branches, Scotia Jamaica Life Insurance, Nesbitt Burns, General Motors, IBM, Sears Canada, Canadian Tire and George Weston Limited.  Additionally, he has taught performance management and organizational design to business leaders in Canada, the U.S., Jamaica, South Africa, Russia, and India.

Herb is a psychologist trained in organizational design, managerial practice and human capability.  He holds a B.A. in mathematics and philosophy from Cornell University, a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Massachusetts and registration as an organizational psychologist in Ontario.

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