Rebecca Hoskins

Rebecca Hoskins

For the past 15 years, Rebecca has worked with organizations in the Department of Defense to develop and implement strategies for achieving organizational goals. She brings more than 20 years of experience in developing and directing strategic initiatives – from strategic planning to implementing multinational programs to product launches – as well as a broad background in marketing and communications.

As an experienced educator and certified facilitator of the Whole Goal® methodology, Rebecca has led dozens of seminars and workshops with whole commands, intact work teams, and diverse audiences. She consistently receives top ratings from clients because of her ability to make complex concepts practical and applicable to achieving measurable results.

Rebecca received a BS in Journalism from Northwestern University and has achieved advanced certification in ELG’s courses and methodologies related to strategy articulation, planning and execution.

Rebecca’s DoD clients have included Fleet Cyber Command / TENTH Fleet (FCC/C10F), Naval Information Warfare Command (NAVIFOR), the National Security Agency/Central Security Service Hawaii (NSA/CSS Hawaii); Navy Information Operations Command Hawaii (NIOC Hawaii); Navy Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM); OPNAV N3/N5 Navy Special Projects (NSP); Office of the Secretary of the Navy, Office of Program and Process Assessment (OPPA); Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal; and U.S. Coast Guard Materiel and Logistics Command, Pacific (MLCPAC). Her commercial clients have included IBM Watson Health, DaVita, Qwest, Syntex Laboratories, and DuPont Pharmaceuticals.

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