CULTURE CHANGE As he entered his job, General David Goldfein, Service Chief of the Air Force, declared “Squadron Revitalization,” a major cultural change, his top priority. Accordingly, he stood up a core team of experienced Airman led by a respected general. Their mission: assess Air Force’s culture and come back with diagnoses and prescriptions for how to revitalize Air Force’s squadrons.

ELG provided the primary senior advisory services to that team, including training them on the approach and skills required for a comprehensive cultural assessment. ELG traveled with the core team to help gather critical inputs as part of the effort. ELG’s work included designing and conducting large (100-person) collaborative working sessions to ensure comprehensive and diverse inputs, plus Air Force-wide support for change.

After that assessment phase, ELG played the lead role in developing the strategic solution framework delivered to General Goldfein. Solutions are now being implemented by Air Force leadership.

For a very readable summary of that work, see “A Model of Air Force Squadron Vitality,” lead article in Air & Space Power Journal, Winter 2018.