Collaborative Leadership

Effective Decision Making and Problem Solving

Duration: 2 Day workshop


Organizations of any size are increasingly affected by other organizations – both internal and external to their own. This highly interdependent environment means the size and complexity of organizational challenges is increasing and so is the need for cross-organizational collaboration to meet those challenges. In other words, smart decision making and problem solving cannot be done in a vacuum.

The challenge: When a group comes together to solve important problems, the result can often be chaos rather than brilliance. Diverse thinking produces the best solutions only if it can stay focused on the issue at hand, in the right way and in the right sequence. More than ever then, effective leaders must have the tools and skills to bring together the right people and quickly lead them through collaborative discussions that result in innovative, robust solutions and decisions. This two-day workshop is designed to build the collaborative leadership skills, employ some of ELG's Executive Smarts™ methodologies and disciplines, and provide the complementary tools to meet the challenge.

Key Topics

Participants will learn:

  • When a collaborative approach is most useful,
  • How to design and run powerful decision-making and problem-solving meetings, and
  • Group decision-making and problem-solving processes that spur innovation, enable the best solutions and decisions as well as build commitment from participants

Because the workshop is tailored to current challenges, participants will leave with tools and techniques that are immediately applicable and that will help them contribute to a more collaborative environment.

Candidate Participants

This workshop is designed for:

  • Leaders of projects or organizations requiring more effective meetings and collaborative forums, and/or
  • Individuals who are key players in cross-organizational processes or initiatives.


The base fee for this workshop is $24,500 and includes no more than 20 participants. This fee includes travel expenses for two instructors (continental U.S.). This fee includes no tailoring.

Depending on whether leaders desire that particular issues be addressed, tailoring will be required, including pre-workshop interviews. Such preparation results in a higher fee.

Half of the fee is due upon agreement to proceed (prior to interviews and tailoring) and half is due upon Workshop completion. Credit cards are accepted.