Ignite Innovation

Duration: 2 Day workshop


In most organizations, innovation is considered mysterious, a magical process. In reality, innovation occurs naturally when the organization knows how to create favorable conditions for learning and adaptation. What’s required is a discipline of innovation: intentional, methodical, skillful focus on improvement and organizational learning. Innovation is a culture that we cultivate, not a spontaneous event. Adaptation and change become emergent processes.

When organizations innovate successfully it’s because they have learned to:

  • Solve problems in diverse teams. Innovation is no longer the work of the lone, heroic genius. Collaboration among divergent perspectives leads to better solutions.
  • Discern meaning: focus on what’s critical.
  • Involve those who care and will be responsible for implementation in creating solutions.
  • Use structured, effective process to build commitment and momentum.
  • Facilitate incubation: protect the start-up until it’s ready for launch.

Key Topics

This workshop is designed to identify high-value organizational needs, develop innovative approaches for meeting those needs, and – in the process – provide education and tools for increasing long-term innovation capability.

This collaborative workshop applies the principles and practices of effective innovation, including:

  • Discovering sources of innovation
  • Analyzing stages of the process: idea generation, selection, conversion, and diffusion
  • Applying innovation – the Idea Marketplace
  • Narrowing ideas to explore further
  • Prototyping
  • Idea selection
  • Developing incubation and implementation plans with draft timelines and accountabilities assigned

The team leaves the workshop with usable outcomes – practical plans for specific, innovative projects that address high-value organizational needs. They also leave with increased knowledge of innovation principles and tools so that they can continue to build a culture of innovation everyday on the job.

Candidate Participants

This workshop is designed for an intact team (such as a leadership or project team) aiming at a particular problem set, or any assortment of individuals wanting to come together to find innovative solutions and learn innovative techniques.


The fee for this workshop is $24,500 and ideally includes no more than 20 participants. This fee includes travel expenses for two instructors (in CONUS). This fee also includes up to three telephone interviews prior to the workshop to inform the tailoring of workshop discussion to current needs. Half of the fee is due upon agreement to proceed (prior to interviews and tailoring) and half is due upon Workshop completion. Credit cards are accepted.