Major Change Initiatives Training

Executive Overview: Implementing Strategic Change

Duration: 1/2 day

Target Audience: Sponsors or executive stake holders of major change initiatives.

Abstract: This course provides executives with a framework for successfully implementing major transformational change initiatives. The course emphasizes the role of executive oversight and the leverage of the executive sponsor in the change process. In addition, it provides executives with 8 “transformational levers” to assure the success of their change initiatives.

Implementing Strategic Change

Duration: 2 days

Target Audience: Leaders — and other critical contributors — of large scale change initiatives.

Abstract: This course provides leaders with a logical framework for implementing large-scale organizational change. Most project plans answer “What” questions such as: “What do we want done, by when?” This framework complements such concrete plans by answering important “How” questions, such as: “How do we get people to embrace the change?” Specifically covered are the five phases of change: Mobilize, Diagnose, Design, Implement, and Sustain, and how to employ eight transformational tools in the latter four phases. The methodology taught in this seminar ensures that graduates can provide specific, meaningful additions to their plans such that organizational change happens swiftly. Also addressed are major traditional models and theories of change.