Success on Purpose

Success on Purpose


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Here is the simplest, most powerful way to energize teams, to improve their collaboration, and to help them make smarter and more innovative decisions:

Connect them to a clear and meaningful purpose. (That’s it!)

Okay, we said “simple,” not “easy.” But if you’ve ever had a leader help you make that connection to the “why” of your work, then you know what a powerful leadership skill that is.

This article, which we wrote with a savvy client, spells out exactly how to help teams make that connection. This piece appears in the premier journal of US military leaders, Joint Force Quarterly, but it's written for any boss at any leadership level who wants to better connect their team – intellectually and emotionally – to the higher purpose of their work.

Here you go: Success on Purpose

Please let us know if you’d like a conversation about how your team might be helped by our team.

Wendi Peck, CEO

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    • Very well thought out article. I hope readers will put at least one tenth the effort into reading as you did in writing.



    • Thank you, Al! Wendi and I have enjoyed all your books, so coming from you that’s high praise.

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