Purpose Motivates Performance podcast

Wendi and Bill were invited to discuss how “Purpose Motivates Performance” in this edition of Defense Acquisition University’s “The Learning Circle” podcast. They say WHY connecting team members to a team’s purpose is vital to success, and HOW to do it well.

How to Brief Senior Leaders and Make It Count, Part 2

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Whoa! Did we ever get a response to our previous article, “How to Brief Senior Leaders and Make It Count”! You can read it or listen to it here.

We received some excellent comments on the web page, but we also got lots of direct responses—mostly from senior leaders who have distinct views on how to brief senior leaders.

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Lessons from the 1918 Flu Pandemic

The essay below isn’t our usual essay on leadership, but we hope you’ll take about seven minutes to read it and benefit from it. We believe there are a couple of opportunities worth harvesting from the COVID-19 challenge.

First, history will judge organizational leaders by how they lead in these difficult times.

4 Ways to Revitalize the Team You Lead

“Revitalizing squadrons” was named General David Goldfein’s top priority when he took over as US Air Force’s Chief in 2016. Executive Leadership Group was asked to provide organizational behavior expertise to the Air Force team directed to tackle the problem (hey, they hire the very best!) and led by Maj General Stephen Davis.

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